Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Priestly Vestments from Amerie's Naughty

This season has seen so many great coats in SL fashion. I have my fair share of them, and thought I had enough. If I had a coat closet in SL, it would be jammed full, you know? But when I saw this offering from Amerie's Naughty I knew I could cram in just one more. Besides, this one has some interesting detailing that sets it apart from all my other coats (I can justify *anything* when it comes to shopping in SL). This is the scrumptious Priestly Vestments coat, and it comes in either black for 200L or red for 230L.

The coat itself only comes on the jacket layer, but the designer has included different options for the prim attachments: skirt & belt together, belt alone or skirt alone. Nice for mixing with other outfits, and I also found it much easier to fit the skirt prim on its own than with the attached belt. I should mention that this coat is made for narrow people. I ended up wearing my system skirt shape rather than do extensive prim twiddling, so if your avatar is not rail thin be forewarned. If you're in a hurry leave off the skirt entirely and you'll have a smart jacket that goes well with jeans or leather pants.

As I mentioned earlier, the detailing on this coat is very well done, and unusual. Look closely at the lace edging along the bottom hem - it's made up of butterflies, to tie in with the butterfly attached to the back of the coat. (You can also see some of the great detail on the LunaViola scroll boots from PixelDolls, though I couldn't capture the tiny stitches. The invisiprims aren't as obtrusive inworld as they showed up in this picture, either). The texturing on the belt buckle and wrist laces seems somewhat crude compared to the details elsewhere, but that's the only criticism I have for this piece (it's mod, so those bits could be retextured if I ever get around to it).

I can't get inworld to take pictures, but there are lots of other items at Amerie's Naughty that caught my eye. I was particularly taken with a short skirt that I'm sure will show up in future blog posts. Go check this store out, you'll be glad you did! (and don't forget the dollarbie shorts on a back wall - so cute!).

Wearing: boots - LunaViola scroll boots, PixelDolls, tights - Paper Couture, gloves - SiniStyle (part of Manhandled set), earrings -Gothica set, Illusions, hair - Alyssa in black, Goldie Locks, skin - Paon 4 in Blush, Tete a Pied (group gift). My apologies for any details I'm missing or getting wrong - can't get inworld to check!

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