Sunday, May 18, 2008

Le Fleur Flourishes...

Skins are a tough one for a lot of people, meaning that it's tough to choose just one for many of us, or it's tough for some of us to find just the right one. Well if you are in the skin market, or maybe you just can't resist a good looking skin, I invite you to go to Fleur and take a gander at the newest Vivant skins. The Le Fleur, the Lady Aurora, and Laura are elegant, classy, and well polished looking creations. I've shown them here in the bronze skin tone, but these are available in a range of 6 separate tones. I should also mention the awesome Fleur Shoujo skins that were done as a collaboration project with Nicky Ree. the Shoujo skins are equally as gorgeous and look wonderful with the dresses Nicky whipped up for the project. Visit Fleur InWorld!

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