Monday, July 9, 2007

light your face

When you take pics as much as I do, you want to look good in every single one. Despite everyone saying that the best light for pics is sunrise, I love to take pics at sunset. But I had a problem: my avie always looked awful in the pics. Then I discover the face light. I always wear mine. Well, I can't live without it...

In this first pic, you can see me at noon with no face light. Awful, right?

Here, I am wearing Perfect Image Glow (by Aradia Dielli). This is the face light I wear all the time. It attaches to the mouth and the light comes from above. You can find the Perfect Image Glow at these locations: Lovey's Boutique at Amour | Lovey's Boutique at Deviant | Lucian Designs

I also have another face light from Pandora (by London Spengler). This is a face iluminator with five points of light. You will have to use View-Highlight transparent to edit it. You can find it at the Pandora store or at SLExchange.

Here's the reason why I am writing this post. I saw this today at the forums and it got me curious. This is a complete system for iluminating the face. It has a HUD for you to control the lights in your face.
Luxace is a powerful and extremely versatile face lighting system, designed to help people take astonishing photo shoots, from normal amateurs to professional modeling ones.
You can find Luxace at the Lights store: Lights


Gabriel Watanabe said...

Thanks Ana, I'm glad you liked the Luxace.
I have some good ideas for the next version, especially to make it a bit simpler in the HUD interface ;)

Ana Lutetia said...

Glad you made it! Face lights are a must. All people should have one.