Sunday, May 18, 2008

Just a little more Fleur...

I couldn't resist taking this picture, and in turn I couldn't resist showing off the Fleur Shoujo Skins that I mentioned in my previous post. These skins are a collaboration with Nicky Ree, whose Lady Edwina in aqua dress is featured above. These special skins are available in the Lilly and Lotus tones, and there are 3 makeup variations, Elizabeth (left), Florence (center) and Lady Edwina (above and right). Visit Fleur InWorld!

*Hair by Paper Couture

Le Fleur Flourishes...

Skins are a tough one for a lot of people, meaning that it's tough to choose just one for many of us, or it's tough for some of us to find just the right one. Well if you are in the skin market, or maybe you just can't resist a good looking skin, I invite you to go to Fleur and take a gander at the newest Vivant skins. The Le Fleur, the Lady Aurora, and Laura are elegant, classy, and well polished looking creations. I've shown them here in the bronze skin tone, but these are available in a range of 6 separate tones. I should also mention the awesome Fleur Shoujo skins that were done as a collaboration project with Nicky Ree. the Shoujo skins are equally as gorgeous and look wonderful with the dresses Nicky whipped up for the project. Visit Fleur InWorld!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Ready for the Runway...

As a model, I have a lot of poses in my inventory. I mean a lot. You never know what pose you might need for each situation or what pose will look great with each outfit. This is where Luth Brodie comes in. The creator from Reel Expression has been a runway girls (and guys) dream for quite some time now, and she continues to create poses that really make our avatars look great.

So, along with many of you, I was thrilled to see Luth's newest poses. These are the same quality poses she has given us in the past, but with an added bonus. As Luth explained on her blog, all of the Runway version 2 poses, and all her poses from here on out, have a natural ease in and out which is ideal for runway work and is huddle compatible. What's even better is that all of her old sets will be reuploaded for her new store opening which will happen on June 15th.

Visit Reel Expressions InWorld!

Other Items: Hair by AOHARU, Skin by MMS, Bracelets by Jenny Thielt, Clothing by Vette's Boutique (thank you Miabella for the tipoff), and shoes by Maitreya (freebies on the GossipGirl Sim).

Saturday, May 3, 2008

This Week's AvaStar Style Hotline

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