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blogger challange - today

the question posed was if i could change places with anyone in sl for one day who would it be and why....

that's a HARD one to answer... hmmmmm.... wow.... well a few people come to my mind, but i'll choose just one.

wow, i can't decide. hmmmm. ok i'd pick phil linden, and why?

i'd take want to give him a new makeover, delete some stuff out of his inventory, (like his hair and clothes) and i'd wanna go to all the secret places, and i'd also wanna i'm my friends and say "Hi" from phil, hahaha, and then i'd wanna throw a party as him, and show ppl my new look, and of course let the "fashionistas" have a time to rip the new look apart.

then i'd spend the day just randomly tping ppl as him cuz no one would know it was me, and i'd just grid hop all day long and meet ppl and talk to them and give them presents and ban mean ppl and do anything fun and silly!

dang i do have a photo with him someplace but I CAN'T FIND IT!!!

oh well that's who i'd be for a day... took a while to think but yup that's who! OOH and i'd take a 2 very nice girls on a date as him, who????? do you really need to ask??? hahahahah

this babe would be one


this girl too!




Springtime in Venice 1&2 21

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Tuesday, June 16, 2009


WELL... i have always loved to 'mix n match' from my first day in sl... so... back in 2006 some time i decided after doing a "mix and match" fashion show with aspire, to start posting some designer "mash ups" and this was the first one i did... shai delacroix had been a customer who had talked a lot to me about designing and i remember getting this coat and being like OH WOW, that would go great with... so even tho i had planned to do more "designer mix and matches" as you will read in the post, this is the only one i think that ever got published... (that old ADD thing ya know?)

anyway, mixing and matching now is the norm so no one really needs my old posts anyway, haha, but this one might make you laugh or cry or you may not even read it! the point to me was i had a lot of fun, and i loved the idea of designers "sharing" and stuff. hmmm, still do... ok so now i'll stop and post the dang thing!


i LOVE LOVE LOVE when is see my customers wearing MY stuff mixed with other stuff, we really have ENDLESS possibilities in our lil ol' inventories!!! (yes we do AG!!!) so i decided to make a regular posting of "my" stuff mixed with other pieces that i have actually bought, (or was given ;) and show you some ways you can wear things i've made with things other designers have made. make sense?

so for my first "designer mix-n-match" will be "delacline" (shai delacroix + caLLie cLine)

so above i've mixed in the first model, shai delacroix's wonderful new shearling coat with my "forever sweater" and a pair of my signature jeans. GuRL6's "swept" hair with my knit cap and nylon pinky's 'old man' glasses give this a very "classy casual" look.

on model 2, i went a bit more "sophisticated" pairing the coat with my "forever sweater" in 14K with the 18K neck to sort of blend in with the beads and jewels on my "bliss" jeans. the ETD updo hair really looks hot i think. and this look is a lot more "chic".

so there are just 2 possibilities for your own "mix-n-match" fun.



shai's coast are available at "casa del shai" in deimos, my sweaters/jeans are available at "caLLie cLine" in the FUNK square in plush lambda.

(oh btw, the boots really make BOTH these looks HOT. they are not for sale inworld as the person who made them isn't playing SL anymore, BUT... i'm trying to work out something to be able to make them available inworld. cross your fingers!)

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blogger challenge

well i accepted the blogger challenged and i'm a day late but... i thought i'd start by posting my first post ever... i had NO idea what blogging was, but that maybe it was a good idea to get one for my adventures in SL. i didn't start it really for my store, that was just ONE part of what i did, so this was my first post and photo, lol... back from oct 2006.

blogging has effected my life in a lot of ways, i've learned a lot about how much time i can spend popping from one blog to another and forget to post my own things... it's just part of the journey, and i really like the way i used to blog more, rather than using my "caLLie cLine bLog" just for new releases... i may just go back to that it was a LOT more fun.

and well here's that old post lest i go on and on and on and on.....


fall is in the air... summer quietly said "goodbye" while winter whispered, "here i come." as our days get shorter and sweeter, our nights will become longer, warmer. i love this time of year... i took a few pics at a wonderful place, still holding on a bit to summer, as i wore my "summer in cannes" bikini, and a lot of bling... i even dusted off my tiara from my early SL days as "princess caLLie" a title i still hold on the island of shivar... these days though, i don't hold court much, as i work more. we're building a giant new store that i can't wait to share with you all... happy fall everyone. xoxo, caLLie

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ACS Makeover Magic 22

ACS Makeover Magic 22, originally uploaded by Sharron Schuman.

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Azu at the ACS Makeover Magic fashion show. Follow the photo link for more of the show.

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GIA RFL May09 G 08, originally uploaded by Sharron Schuman.

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Sharp Dressed Man

Sxy2nd Opening 03, originally uploaded by Sharron Schuman.

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it's great when a community of people can pull together and offer support to each other. that's what is happening here. a bunch of voshie's friends donated a lot of great stuff from furniture to clothing to STORE CARDS! and limited editions... and the money is going to voshie's moving fund! if you feel like finding some GREAT deals... and i mean some GREAT ones... head on over
and see what you can find!

if ya missed it, here's your ride over!

KatatOnik on Fabulous Fashion

Title is a tease, this is me Sharron in a great KatatOnik dress, Kat is much cuter than me. AND... I am wearing Philotic energy "Portia" hair. Aemilia Case sent this hair as a blogger appreciation gift. I wore the black in two fashion shows before I went to the store and bought my "normal" red color. The classic style works for so many outfits. I love it.