Wednesday, June 17, 2009

blogger challange - today

the question posed was if i could change places with anyone in sl for one day who would it be and why....

that's a HARD one to answer... hmmmmm.... wow.... well a few people come to my mind, but i'll choose just one.

wow, i can't decide. hmmmm. ok i'd pick phil linden, and why?

i'd take want to give him a new makeover, delete some stuff out of his inventory, (like his hair and clothes) and i'd wanna go to all the secret places, and i'd also wanna i'm my friends and say "Hi" from phil, hahaha, and then i'd wanna throw a party as him, and show ppl my new look, and of course let the "fashionistas" have a time to rip the new look apart.

then i'd spend the day just randomly tping ppl as him cuz no one would know it was me, and i'd just grid hop all day long and meet ppl and talk to them and give them presents and ban mean ppl and do anything fun and silly!

dang i do have a photo with him someplace but I CAN'T FIND IT!!!

oh well that's who i'd be for a day... took a while to think but yup that's who! OOH and i'd take a 2 very nice girls on a date as him, who????? do you really need to ask??? hahahahah

this babe would be one


this girl too!




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