Monday, October 29, 2007

shopping in Cotton Candy

Cotton Candy

Cotton Candy is a cute mall where you can find the cutest stores: MG fashion, ICING, Chapeau Tres Mignon, Queen Couture, Savvy?, BP, Kimberly Casanova, SugarCube, <3 Cupcakes, Corduroy and Turnstyle, illuminare, Veschi, Tres Blah, Kid Asia Boutique, Sand Shack Surf Co., Decollage, Sh*t happens, miw, Hiccup, Fashonably Dead, Hnoey kitty, Tree of SL, CRAP and Kitsch*en*Couture.
These stores are all together in one spot. It's so cool when we don't have to TP around the grid to buy the cutest things.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

A Dutch Touch...

So I had this great idea that I wanted to have 2 quick change folders, a casual and a dressy outfit placed for easy access in my inventory. You know for those times when you log in wearing who knows what from the day before and you want to run a quick errand.
This happens to me a lot and I’m tired of either wasting time changing for a 5 min shopping trip, or wearing my formal gown out the next morning. Talk about a walk of shame. Anyhows, I thought I’d love to have a cute sweat-suit outfit all ready. So I sent out an IM to Fashion Emergency hoping for some hints on where to start my search. In the list of recommendations, someone said try Dutch Touch.
Now this is where I go off course, which actually happens to me a lot, but that is neither here nor there…I go over to Dutch Touch and start to ogle the designs of Iki Ikarus. Since Iki has been in SL coming up on a year, I’m sure many if not most of you have been to Iki’s store and have seen and wear her work. In fact I was there this past summer.
But OMGoodness…I just kept buying and buying…I love the urban look and it is my first choice for loafing around in. Long story short, I still don’t have the stuff for my quick change folders…but look at the goodies I have now!
Ari Outfit
AlleyCat Outfit

Top from the Sil Outfit

Jelly Outfit

PinKi Outfit

Fancy Outfit

:: DUTCH TOUCH MAINSTORE :: Willow Beach (30, 216, 32)

Friday, October 26, 2007

This Week's AvaStar Style Hotline

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Friday, October 19, 2007

This Week's AvaStar Style Hotline

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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

All the world’s a stage…

And all the men and women merely players… Wow! What a somber start! But don’t worry. The fall season is, on the contrary, quite merry… A feminine line with a cinched waist and a homage to Forties glamour is the new silhouette. But with an elegant finish… The finish is a super size bag with a clutch to hang on to, or super small to fit the palm… From classic knee high to hiking sizes: boots, boots everywhere and all the roads doth shrink! Cuffs, zips and buttons all add an edge. This season is all about heels: wedges, stilettos and sculpted forms reign. Cheers to casual berets, beanies and plumes too… The spotlight is on the waist, and belts are the definers. Wide structured styles of the Fifties, especially over a winter coat is the season’s statement. But if you wish, the thin is also an option. SL lives the four seasons all-in-one. There are clothes for the hard winter and clothes for tropical climates that warm up with fashion’s spring trends. Bit of military and Goth too prevails… Don’t forget to add some fur here and there and don’t be afraid to fall into color all the way…

Callie Cline, “Layer Lover” Fat Belts. Calliefornia 225, 193, 22

Bahar Vega, (Dare 2 Bite) Black-Lace Shoes. Nirvana 251, 166, 35

Indyra Originals Headquarters, Indy O Handbags-Luscious Brown. Namaste Isle 132, 133, 27

Curious Kitties Shop, Warm Fuzzy Collar. Curious Kitties 137, 232, 21

Kru’s Boutique, Standplay. Moon Annex 122, 199, 603

Savvy Avvy, Woolen Bomber Jacket. Hake 54, 130, 22

JCNY Collection- FVOLI, Hyper-Gems Leather Handbag. Farah Island 195, 59, 24

Lapointe&Bastchild Designs, BastChild Men’s Steel Red Cothic Twist Cross and Braroque Darkness Boots. Evocative 108, 130, 24

Lion’s Square, Strapped Shorts-Jungle Wear. Superior 134, 52, 57

Aitui, Aitui- Reborn Suit Set. Aitui 145, 15, 23

Kitridge DeSantis, UOMO Suede Blazer. *KITCHY* / UOMO
Oakley 77, 177, 22

Robin (Sojourner) Woods AV Store. Livingtree Island
Livingtree 88, 139, 24

Objects of desire...

Many talented Elisheba Rossini, is also known for her Cherry Blossom Collection. After her release of Cherry Blossom Screen, Rossini now extends her concept with a collection of Cherry Blossom Table and Floor lamps. And now has a new store in NYC too. When you are there, don't forget to take a stroll in the streets of the new sim New York City.

Otto & Floyd, NYC, 35, 112, 24 / Collins (137, 17, 27)

Te Whare Huka means "House of Snow" in Maori, and it is a skiing area
with nice stores, chalets and apartments. It even has a Skating Rink with a view! There are free snowboards, dog sleds and snowball firers. And high slopes to ski... Winter's favorite gadget of course is the snowmobile! You can get one from Jay Karlfeldt in the color to you desire... My choice is pink!

Jay Karlfeldt, Snowmobile V 1.0. Te Whare Huka. Ayas 125,143, 133

Ahoy Sailors!

Last week, The Great Sailors Cove Boat Show was realized at Anchor Cove. It was focused on sailboats which actually sail in Second Life and lots of accessories too. One of the highlights of the show was Trudeau's brand new beautiful classic yacht "Larinda Staysail Schooner". This fair maiden was presented for the first time and she put a spell on everyone visiting the Boat Show...

Sailor’s Cove Boat Show. Sailor’s Cove 246, 79, 21

Trudeau Classic Sailing Yachts. Trudeau Cay 177, 8, 22

Guantanamera, Guajira Guantanamera

The place to see is Cuba. And no need to worry about passport or diplomacy. First thing: Follow the "Cuba Tour" route, and visit the Information Center and get all the info you need about Cuba. Then walk the streets of Havana and the Malecon. You will find that this sim is one the most realistically built sim in all of Second Life. Very impressive! Hey, take a drink at the bar, enjoy the Cuban Music from the Jukebox and salsaaa... Before you leave don’t forget, and get your free Che Guevara T-Shirt behind the bar: “Hasta la victoria siempre!” Venceremos! Maybe… Some day…

Cuba, Home of Cuba-Junky. Rosewood Gardens 240, 205, 21

RL Files

The Helvetica font is celebrating its 50th birthday...
2007 marks the fiftieth anniversary of Helvetica, the most ubiquitous of all typefaces. You have probably seen it a thousand times. Its a typeface sans serif. That is, there are no wiggly bits at the end of the letters. It has smooth, clean lines and is widely considered as the official typeface of the twentieth century. Helvetica communicates with simple, unobtrusive geometry an aesthetic clarity that is at once universal, neutral, and modern. The typeface, inspired by the 1896 font Akzidenz Grotesk, was designed by Max Miedinger and Edouard Hoffmann in 1957 in Switzerland. It's dominance over the past half-century, solidified by the release of Neue Helvetica in the 1980s, has now inspired a documentary (, "Helvetica", and exhibitions on both sides of the Atlantic. Don't miss the "50 Years of Helvetica" exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

Helvetica film posters

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Shiny Things...Ooh La La!

Since I don't have an addictive personality in the least in my RL, I have taken the liberty to find various addictions in my SL! So it goes without saying that shoes made by Fallingwater Cellardoor of Shiny Things is one of my "drugs" of choice. Take for example her New Ruffle Boots! Whether they are Coffee, Black, Scarlet, or Chocolate they fit my feet like a glove. Hmmm I think that makes sense.... Either way I'm loving how they look. As with all of Fallingwater's creations, details, details, details. I'm going to be staring at my feet for many days to come!

Ruffle Boots come in 4 colors: black, scarlet, chocolate, coffee and are L$400 a pair. Two sizes are included (small & large) and the best part is that demos are available for all colors and sizes! For more details check out Fallingwater's blog. Happy shopping!

Visit Shiny Things In-World or Online

Saturday, October 13, 2007

[mix up]

This is a blue and gray outfit because I love these two colours. The outfit started with [MG fashion] Heart button denim skirt - grey pink. I have paired it with [MG fashion] Crocheted shrug - charcoal (without the sculpted sleeves). Then, I needed a shirt to wear underneath and I choose "Savvy?" Separates: Poppin' It Top in Teal. Socks are everywhere and I choose -corduroy- bettie's leggings! The hair is ETD Amber in Scarlet and the hat is set to black. The boots are (Shiny Things) Comfy Boots - charcoal and the necklace is "Savvy?" Repairs Necklace (Silver/Onyx).
The skin is from Tap - TaP Vivant Buff Boudoir 1. The eyes are *Sin Skins* Luminous Obsidian Eyes with the *Sin Skins* Ferra Lashes.

Friday, October 12, 2007

This Week's AvaStar Style Hotline

By caLLie cLine

It’s Halloween Already!
In SL it’s never too early to get dressed up for Halloween.

Halloween is one of the most fun times of the year for many. But we all know in RL, if you dressed up before the actual day, you’d get a few weird looks! That’s the beauty of SL, we can celebrate holidays a bit longer than in RL, so why not start to add a bit of Halloween fun now? I have and have been loving every moment. From flying around on a free witch’s broom (one is available at my shop) to this great new attachment called ‘stitches’ I got from Grimm Babies, our choices are endless. These marionette attachments are lots of fun. It’s like the puppet fell off the mean puppet master and nailed it to your back. I have paired it up with a matching pink dress and a spooky skin. The men’s version is regular wood, and the strings flows as you walk, which makes for a GREAT effect.

Start to celebrate a bit early this year then as the day or party gets closer, add more to your look, until that party when you put on your full costume! I’d love to see photos of your best efforts! Send photos to newsdesk@the – of what YOU will be for Halloween, and I’ll give five AvaStar readers a ‘trick or treat’.

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Friday, October 5, 2007

This Week's AvaStar Style Hotline

By caLLie cLine

Keep an Eye on Fashion
Prim lashes are a great way to perfect your eyes

BEAUTIFUL eyes are something everyone wants to have, and there are many ways to enhance the eyes available to us. From the many eyes available to purchase, from regular to cat, the choices out there are endless.

One of the things I love to add to my eyes to really bring them out are prim lashes. You can find many out there, from Lynixx Muse’s (who I believe was the first to make them) to ones by many other designers. The problem with them is, YOU MUST FIT THEM PROPERLY.

Each face is different and no set of prim lashes will fit right unless you take the time to fit them. Some people don’t think it’s worth it, so they keep the regular lashes, but personally, I think it’s worth the time.

Here are a few hints:

-Turn off the regular lashes, as they have a way of interfering with the look of the lashes.

-Have patience - it may take a while, but if you work on it you can get it right.

-Resize them if needed. Move the upper and lower separately

I think this is a well worth it ‘beauty hint’ if you will and certainly a ‘must have’ for your avatar’s face. So go find some prim lashes and let your eyes shine!
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Thursday, October 4, 2007

Falling in 2 Love With Color

The air has a chill, the days are getting shorter, and there is frost on the pumpkin. Fall has arrived, and is by far my favorite season of the year! I love the deep orange, yellows, and browns in nature that signal that it is time to put on your warmer clothes and take a deep crisp breath.

In searching for that perfect outfit for the change from summer to autumn, caLLie cLine has given us all something unique to fall in love with! Her new coat/jacket/skirt ensemble release, "aLLy cat" takes a different approach than the typical muted colors of fall fashion. Bright, cozy, classy and fun all wrapped up with a fur bow, these coats are just the first of what I hope is many of her "Fall in 2 Color...all year long" designs.

The choices are endless with your pick of 10 different colors, pencil system skirt, prim skirt, glitch pants, jacket, shirt, undershirt, fur cuffs and collar...phew..Did I mention TEN colors?

The long dress coat:

As a dress:

In the pencil skirt:

Mixing and matching colors in the pencil skirt:

Shortening up the system skirt then dressing down with pants:

The "Fall in 2 Color.....all year long" designs are found at caLLie cLine, caLLiefornia

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Lifestyles, styles and lives...

What is lifestyle? A person's way of living as expressed in his or her activities, interests, and opinions. It reflects our attitudes, values or the way we see the world. It is the sum of our patterns of social relationships, consumption, entertainment, and dress... In short lifestyle constitutes the mode of living of an individual... And if that mode is blessed with stylishness, panache, elegance and good taste... then what more can one ask for!

"Guys and Dolls"
With all the bells and whistles we are used to in women's fashion, there is a trend in men's fashion that brings us all down to earth with a bang: shredded and spoiled clothes destroyed with acid, blood, war, manual labor. They all have a story and style, and yet remain a bit on the wild side. Label it it protest, dangerous, steampunk, neko, grunge or warrior... They reflect incredible skill and imagination. A la mode? Yes! Depressing, yes. Wearable, definitely!

CIVVIES, War-Torn Gear, Airship Outpost, Plunder 89, 126, 601

Desert Moon Clothiers, DMC Moto Jacket and fueled jean. Airship Outpost, Plunder 112, 166, 602

Homicide Designs- Drone Jacket. Grossglockner 126, 172, 64

Sidewalk Clothing-Guys Cool Casual Streetwear, Ick Bloodied Tank Top. Isle of Tharen 23, 240, 33

TonkTastic-Camo Guy, PLain Black, Agent Brown Outfits. Rhododendron Island 190, 251, 21

Gals are more on the safe and glamorous side. Feathers, furs on dresses, on pulls, on ponchos and... on the head. And accessories like handbags, shoes and belts… will turn many heads. One last note: Leather leather everywhere... Hopefully faux and no animal dead!

Callie Cline, "Fall in 2 color all year long", "aLLy cat": Nouveu-Retro Coat Dress, Over Coat, Jacket, Dress Ensemble-10 colors. Calliefornia 225, 193, 22

Bianca F, Feathersasfur and Vernice Rossa. Knightsbridge 206, 87, 22

Adam n Eve, Black Bottom. Genesis 128,169,43

aDiva, Allure. Genesis 128,169,43

Blaze, Safari Festive, Blaze Columbia. Blaze 85, 118, 23

DE Designs, Leather set Undiscovered. DE Designs 100, 124, 48

Armani, ScarpaDonnaArmani-(Emporio Armani) RED. ARMANI via Manzoni 139, 79, 26

Knock outs, slings and arrows...
Second Life swings. It is the most creative media ever. And the amount freed creativity is really astonishing. Aspiration, innovation, ingenuity, artistry and skill is all there... And something for every taste, flair and desire. And a little awareness, on the way... But not for the faint-hearted!

BigBand & Swing Jazz. Retro Deco & Shag Art at the bar. DJ Nay LIVE every Saturday Night. The Blue Note Retro Jazz Lounge, The Blue Note 240, 186, 22

High quality modern classics furniture, and home accessories for stylish virtual living. Coconut chair in four colors was inspired by George Nelson. Maximum Minimum 255, 128, 23

Istanbul Villa and Odaesen House are modernized versions of Ottoman Yali (villa) on the Bosphorous in Istanbul. Designed by Troy Vogel, the villas carry elements of Frank Llyod Wright, Charles Rennie Macintosh and Arts&Crafts Movement. Istanbul Villa and Odaesen House. Zeugma, Zeugma 112, 145, 29

Second Life Ballet is performing its new ballet "Windows", with original choreography by Inarra Saarinen. "Windows" is a series of vignettes about glimpses of a person's life and loves. Also the director and animator of Second Life Ballet, Inarra Saarinen was nominated for "Best Artist in the Performing Arts 2007". Second Life Ballet, IBM10 6, 174, 21

Being socially aware is something we cannot escape even in Second Life. "Camp Darfur", built on Better Word is an effort to connect people to a social crisis in the real world. It is an interactive awareness exhibit that brings attention to the ongoing genocide in Darfur, Sudan. Visit also the sad "Bagdat Streets". Then stroll through the Gardens of Hope in order to ease the pain. If you possibly can. Better World 54, 212, 21