Wednesday, October 17, 2007

All the world’s a stage…

And all the men and women merely players… Wow! What a somber start! But don’t worry. The fall season is, on the contrary, quite merry… A feminine line with a cinched waist and a homage to Forties glamour is the new silhouette. But with an elegant finish… The finish is a super size bag with a clutch to hang on to, or super small to fit the palm… From classic knee high to hiking sizes: boots, boots everywhere and all the roads doth shrink! Cuffs, zips and buttons all add an edge. This season is all about heels: wedges, stilettos and sculpted forms reign. Cheers to casual berets, beanies and plumes too… The spotlight is on the waist, and belts are the definers. Wide structured styles of the Fifties, especially over a winter coat is the season’s statement. But if you wish, the thin is also an option. SL lives the four seasons all-in-one. There are clothes for the hard winter and clothes for tropical climates that warm up with fashion’s spring trends. Bit of military and Goth too prevails… Don’t forget to add some fur here and there and don’t be afraid to fall into color all the way…

Callie Cline, “Layer Lover” Fat Belts. Calliefornia 225, 193, 22

Bahar Vega, (Dare 2 Bite) Black-Lace Shoes. Nirvana 251, 166, 35

Indyra Originals Headquarters, Indy O Handbags-Luscious Brown. Namaste Isle 132, 133, 27

Curious Kitties Shop, Warm Fuzzy Collar. Curious Kitties 137, 232, 21

Kru’s Boutique, Standplay. Moon Annex 122, 199, 603

Savvy Avvy, Woolen Bomber Jacket. Hake 54, 130, 22

JCNY Collection- FVOLI, Hyper-Gems Leather Handbag. Farah Island 195, 59, 24

Lapointe&Bastchild Designs, BastChild Men’s Steel Red Cothic Twist Cross and Braroque Darkness Boots. Evocative 108, 130, 24

Lion’s Square, Strapped Shorts-Jungle Wear. Superior 134, 52, 57

Aitui, Aitui- Reborn Suit Set. Aitui 145, 15, 23

Kitridge DeSantis, UOMO Suede Blazer. *KITCHY* / UOMO
Oakley 77, 177, 22

Robin (Sojourner) Woods AV Store. Livingtree Island
Livingtree 88, 139, 24

Objects of desire...

Many talented Elisheba Rossini, is also known for her Cherry Blossom Collection. After her release of Cherry Blossom Screen, Rossini now extends her concept with a collection of Cherry Blossom Table and Floor lamps. And now has a new store in NYC too. When you are there, don't forget to take a stroll in the streets of the new sim New York City.

Otto & Floyd, NYC, 35, 112, 24 / Collins (137, 17, 27)

Te Whare Huka means "House of Snow" in Maori, and it is a skiing area
with nice stores, chalets and apartments. It even has a Skating Rink with a view! There are free snowboards, dog sleds and snowball firers. And high slopes to ski... Winter's favorite gadget of course is the snowmobile! You can get one from Jay Karlfeldt in the color to you desire... My choice is pink!

Jay Karlfeldt, Snowmobile V 1.0. Te Whare Huka. Ayas 125,143, 133

Ahoy Sailors!

Last week, The Great Sailors Cove Boat Show was realized at Anchor Cove. It was focused on sailboats which actually sail in Second Life and lots of accessories too. One of the highlights of the show was Trudeau's brand new beautiful classic yacht "Larinda Staysail Schooner". This fair maiden was presented for the first time and she put a spell on everyone visiting the Boat Show...

Sailor’s Cove Boat Show. Sailor’s Cove 246, 79, 21

Trudeau Classic Sailing Yachts. Trudeau Cay 177, 8, 22

Guantanamera, Guajira Guantanamera

The place to see is Cuba. And no need to worry about passport or diplomacy. First thing: Follow the "Cuba Tour" route, and visit the Information Center and get all the info you need about Cuba. Then walk the streets of Havana and the Malecon. You will find that this sim is one the most realistically built sim in all of Second Life. Very impressive! Hey, take a drink at the bar, enjoy the Cuban Music from the Jukebox and salsaaa... Before you leave don’t forget, and get your free Che Guevara T-Shirt behind the bar: “Hasta la victoria siempre!” Venceremos! Maybe… Some day…

Cuba, Home of Cuba-Junky. Rosewood Gardens 240, 205, 21

RL Files

The Helvetica font is celebrating its 50th birthday...
2007 marks the fiftieth anniversary of Helvetica, the most ubiquitous of all typefaces. You have probably seen it a thousand times. Its a typeface sans serif. That is, there are no wiggly bits at the end of the letters. It has smooth, clean lines and is widely considered as the official typeface of the twentieth century. Helvetica communicates with simple, unobtrusive geometry an aesthetic clarity that is at once universal, neutral, and modern. The typeface, inspired by the 1896 font Akzidenz Grotesk, was designed by Max Miedinger and Edouard Hoffmann in 1957 in Switzerland. It's dominance over the past half-century, solidified by the release of Neue Helvetica in the 1980s, has now inspired a documentary (, "Helvetica", and exhibitions on both sides of the Atlantic. Don't miss the "50 Years of Helvetica" exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

Helvetica film posters

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