Monday, October 1, 2007

This Week's AvaStar Style Hotline

By caLLie cLine

There are times when fashion really does not matter...
I attended an event last week for the opening of the American Cancer Society sim. It was an event that really left me quite speechless and brought tears to my eyes a number of times. It was bittersweet, hearing the stories of many who lost precious loved ones to cancer and seeing them live on, and pay wonderful tributes to those they lost. After the dedication of the sim, there was a fashion show with clothing done for Relay for Life. Those of us in the crowd watching decided to start removing our hair, shoes and any prims that caused lag. It was a somber time, but so moving, and it was not about how ‘fab’ we looked , but about the event. I was honored to be around such amazing people, SLebrities and designers who’s ‘look’ is so important to them, and to sit, bald and barefoot next to them as we watched the lovely designs grace the runway. So I guess the motto is, ‘be fashionable as often as you can’, but in the end, remember there are times when it’s not about ‘how cool you look’. Thanks to all who did such an amazing job, I love to see the fashion community give, and in such a sweet way.
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