Monday, October 29, 2007

shopping in Cotton Candy

Cotton Candy

Cotton Candy is a cute mall where you can find the cutest stores: MG fashion, ICING, Chapeau Tres Mignon, Queen Couture, Savvy?, BP, Kimberly Casanova, SugarCube, <3 Cupcakes, Corduroy and Turnstyle, illuminare, Veschi, Tres Blah, Kid Asia Boutique, Sand Shack Surf Co., Decollage, Sh*t happens, miw, Hiccup, Fashonably Dead, Hnoey kitty, Tree of SL, CRAP and Kitsch*en*Couture.
These stores are all together in one spot. It's so cool when we don't have to TP around the grid to buy the cutest things.


Aenea said...

Ana, I visited Cotton Candy for the first time last night, and loved the array of shops. What drove me NUTS though is that the designers of the mall made the stalls TOO SMALL, so your camera wanders into walls and stuff. If you try to cam around, the small shops also can make your camera crazy.

So I bought some things that I liked, but won't be going back because of the crazy camera... :/

caLLie cLine said...

oh do you know how to use your cam with the option click way???

it makes camming much easier!!!

look in help or somewhere, i'd tell you but i have a mac!!!

but it's very very easy for tight spots!!!



Ana Lutetia said...

I didn't know that...