Thursday, November 1, 2007

Carnival of Doom, Last Ride of Your Life!

A new sim created by Rezzable, Carnival of Doom, opened in SL on 31st October, Wednesday. Having suffered lag and low connection pains on the opening night, I revisited the sim the second day. And in the morning 6673 people already had dropped by.
Rezzable, as you may know, has been developing SL entertainment zones in one of the largest continuous public areas in SL (30 sims) and is the creator of Greenies Home, Toxic Garden, Surfline SL Experience, at the Cannery, Crimson Shadow and legendary Stratos Home of the all Metaverse Sportscar.
When you get to the sim of Carnival of Doom, you have to click on the poster at the front or side of the ticket booth and get a ticket. First you receive a HUD which you have to wear, for the HUD is used to communicate with rides and other interactive elements of the region. After attaching the HUD your ticket appears on upper right corner of your screen and acts as a “health/life” status monitor. It starts at 100, if your health hits 0, you die! And when you "die", you are transported to a special area and held there until you "regenerate" and get back to 100! The time and amount of regeneration is not fast. Any attempts to leave the regeneration area results in you being pulled back. So there is no way out! No TP’ying home!
Well, I first got on the Carousel, went through Hell, passed through the Hall of Mirrors and escaped from Hell! Lost 6 points off my health but there was no real damage… And there are many ways to receive damage here! In order not to spoil the fun, I will not give you any information but I did go through fits of vomiting with my health decreasing to 40’s… Walked on the grounds. Tried my hand at the Strength Hammer where the night before I had witnessed Callie Cline hit 200 and win a “tortured bear.” No hope… So I went to the Misfortune Teller. Guess what! All the cards I clicked heralded the misfortunes on my way… Nevertheless, I had loads of fun at Carnival of Doom! Ebuddy Rezzable 184, 69, 26

The Ticket Booth



Jumpy Castle

Me, vomiting!

Strength Hammer

Misfortune Teller


Beatrix Newt said...

:D thank you for the great review! we hope you and everyone enjoys. much more to come!!

Alejandro Rosenthal said...

Thank you for the kind words. And yes, we have much more planned in the future. So check back!