Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Don't forget your hat!

It was the ETD Update and Ana's entry on coats that inspired my post featuring a few of my favorite head gear around the Grid.

This first number, ETD's "Amber" in Scarlett. This cute lil knit cap is perfect for the chill in the air that signals to us all that fall has arrived! [ ETD ]

When I saw this beauty, Elegance hats: "Valena Elegance Hat in black", on the top of a fashionista a few days back, I just knew I had to make it mine. Using the cool "inspect" trick I found the creator and snatched this cute lil feather cap, and have worn it religiously. [Elegance]

As seen in the newest release ads from Nicky Ree, this delightful hat from Illusions: "Gracile, in Black & White" is full of fun and whimsy. I mean who doesn't want a swan on their head? This comes in a full black, full white, white with black, and black with white (as shown) option. [Illusions]

Veschi Hair with Bucket Hat comes in 7 hair colors,and the hat itself is modifiable for coloring. This is such a cute hat and because you can color the wool texture, there are so many wonderful outfit options. [Veschi]

An older favorite of mine is Celestial Studios', Jennifer hair with hat. Here I am wearing it in the black cherry color. [Celestial Studios]

Finally, when I was searching for the Veschi bucket hat, I had to take a double take at the Alotta Poof Hat. This is also colorable, but does not come with hair. I feel like now is the time to hit the course and golf a few rounds! [Veschi]

I also have to note one of the best "hats' I've seen in a long while was when I saw the lovely Anessa Stine wearing a piece of cake on her head! Now I finally know what to do with that plate of Surf and Turf in my inventory!



caLLie cLine said...

wow! what a great post, i was scanning throught fashion planet, and this post caught my eye, i was like, "wow this girl is really pretty and i love this post" so imagine my shock when i got to the bottom and saw it was here!!!

you rock Graciana!!!

wow!! great post



Anonymous said...

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