Monday, August 24, 2009

Late Night Red Wine Post

I know, I know, never log in to SL drunk or post to your blog when not in brilliant control of your facilities, but..... I ask you a question about "SL Fashion Critque". I of course can't speak for her, especially seeing that I am one of those "old" models that was in fashion week.... Question follows this quote from her blog:

"I've been to Paris, London, Milan and New York these last two weeks. RL Modelling has always been an inspiration to me and I would really like to see that happen in SL as well.
Those of us who have never been to a RL Fashion Show cannot fully understand what I say in my blog."

Seriously Y'all, if I had the means to have been in Paris, London, Milan and New York these last two weeks...... why the hell would I even care or know about the SL Fashion scene. My niece that is one of the seasons hot models in our small provincial region of Texas could give a flying leap at a rolling donut about what is going on in SL.

I am not really holding my breath but am amused at thinking about what fashion critique will thrill us with to come. It is not surpriseing to me considering her previous posts that she couldn't shoot any of the shows from fashion week at bosl. Obviously she doesn't have a computer capable of showing her any thing but grey at that location. Notice it is "SL Issues" at fault, not, " I have a piece of shit computer and can't see any thing." that is her reason for not posting.

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Mavi Beck said...

You know what? That there are no fashion shows in Milan in the month of August...nor in NY or Paris...she's so full of S**T it's not even funny.