Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Just in Time for Christmas...

If you are like me you have some people on your Christmas list that are impossible to find a gift for. I know for all my women friends I can't even think of purchasing any clothes for them because they probably already have it!

Gift cards/certificates are a great idea, but seem a little impersonal at times. So that is why I'm so excited to show you the amazing creation that Sue Stonebender has whipped up just in time for Christmas.

Let me introduce you to the Pere Noel Christmas Clock! This beautiful clock has changing colors, faces, hands and so much more.

I'm not even joking when I say the options for this gorgeous grandfather clock are endless. The clock can have 3 different outside and interior wood finishes along with 7 different faces!

The clock is super easy to use with a menu that appears when you click anywhere on the clock. You can choose to use the seasonal theme or the Christmas theme, which has 6 different face options!

I just couldn't' stop taking pics of this clock, and was having a heck of a time deciding what room to put it in at my house...I loved it too much in each place I put it! I have shown it here with the , the seasonal face/wood finish, the green holly/green wood finish and with the Santa face/red wood finish. But those are just a few of the styles you can choose!

The clock is only 38 prims and has fully adjustable timezones, ticking and chime options and the option to turn off the second hand if desired. The owner can also assign guest permissions.

The hand drawn and painted face options happen to be my favorite option of the clock. Of course my heart melts for the Santa face, but the other 6 faces are simple yet elegant and match the style of the clock perfectly. I'd also like to call attention to the spinning mural that peaks through the top of the clock. It is simply gorgeous.

I have shown some close ups of the face of the clock, but only 4 of the options. There happens to be 3 more face variations which all include the same starry image as the blue, green, and red shown here, but with slightly different colors.

So for a classy, original, and beautiful gift for the people on your list take a look at the Pere Noel clock. I would also think that this clock would make a great wedding gift!

Find the Pere Noel clock at: [TOK] Clocks & Timepieces @ Serendipity Studios, Templum ex Obscurum (127, 148, 126)

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