Sunday, December 16, 2007

Shiny Things - Chunky Ribbon Boots

When I saw the announcement for Shiny Things' Ribbon Boots, I dashed to grab a demo but was kind of torn when I saw them on. I loved the laces and the ability to change colors with a HUD, but the boots themselves were more of a like than a love. I stashed the demo in my "stuff I like" folder and forgot about them. Until now. The Chunky Ribbon Boots are everything I was hoping for when I tried the first version on. There isn't a ton of difference between them really, but I just like the shape so much more.

First the important details: these boots come in black, blue, white and pink (500L each color, only sold singly) and each set has a range of calf sizes to make fitting any size avatar easy. Also, each comes with a Basics HUD that gives you six color choices for the boot laces, which can even be different on each boot if you wish. Additional HUDs cost 100L for either Deeps or Mediums (my favorite are the Deeps) and each contains an additional 15 laces colors. My first thought was that all I needed was the default HUD but I've changed my mind after playing with the extra laces colors. They're really pretty and add an extra bit of detail to an outfit. I have noticed that sometimes the laces return to black after a crash, so you might want to doublecheck your laces when you log in. I should also mention that these boots are sculpties, so you'll see occasional black blobs on your feet when rezzing in a laggy sim. Good news is that these beauties won't contribute much to that lag, weighing in at a trim 50 prims per foot (vs 135 each for another Shiny Things classic, the Old Laceup Boots).

As one might expect, black seems to be the most popular color choice I've seen in my wanderings this week but the other colors are also lovely and I think we'll see more people wearing them as the seasons change. I'd like to put in my request for a dark red/oxblood color please!

I put the blue boots together with pants and jacket from artilleri and really liked the effect when I used the Deeps HUD to change the color of the laces to match my scarf and gloves. And yes, I went looking for a train station just so I could use the Vintage Traveler's Suitcase from Argyle. The detailing on this piece is very nice and at 50L it's a neat thing to have for picture taking (it also comes with a second suitcase without the sit pose).

I took a closeup picture of the boots, but I'll skip showing it. Everyone knows how good the detailing is on anything that comes from Shiny Things and these boots are no exception. The only thing close to a criticism I can think of is that there aren't more gorgeous colors to drool over. Did I mention that I want red ones? Dark red, mmm.

The Chunky Ribbon Boots go with a huge range of looks and are destined to be a staple in many a fashionista's wardrobe. Kudos to Fallingwater Cellardoor for creating another classic!
p.s. please excuse some random wonkiness in these pictures. I'm taking cold medicine and it makes me even loopier than normal. :) I'll leave you with a picture of me channelling my inner cabaret girl.Wearing: (1) skin: CS Vogue Fall 3 Freckled Champagne, eyes: Miriel, lashes: Deviant Kitties, hair: ETD Patricia in Crimson, tattoos: Etch'd, Ornate, pants: Tomboy, Cropped Cargo pants (mud), sweater: Redgrave, Green Sweater with Grey Scarf (male version, freebie from Kmadd sim) , boot laces color from Deeps HUD
( 2) skin: CS Vogue Summer 3 Light Freckles Champagne, eyes: Sin Skins, lashes: Deviant Kitties, hair: Kin Annie in Red, gloves: Tete a Pied, jacket, pants and scarf: artilleri, undershirt: CS Trixie tank in Brick (on underpants layer), boots laces color from Deeps HUD, Vintage Traveler's Suitcase w/ sit pose: Argyle, picture taken at Great Second Life Railway.
(3) skin: CS Vogue Classic Glitter Silver Champagne, eyes: callie cline (not released yet), lashes: Deviant Kitties, hair: ETD Patricia, gloves & corset: silent sparrow (from Midnight Circus (redux) outfit, skirt: PixelDolls (from Emotional Warfare outfit), fishnet tights: WRONG, armlets: Muzukashe Ribbon Armbands - Curious Kitties, neck ruff: Masks & Feathers (freebie), hat: Kyoot Army, boot laces color from Basics HUD

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