Friday, August 1, 2008

Drunk on Punch

Iris Seale of Punch Drunk gave all her group members a sneak attack shopping station, and I jumped fast on the teleport button and joined the fun. Tomorrow Iris releases her new items to the public. The Enayla Collection is Iris's beautiful new gowns and I wanted to share with you the release she sent:
"This collection is inspired by the paintings of Linda Bergkvist. Her artwork can be found at . Check her out and buy her prints if you find her work as gorgeous as I do. She uses rich detail, lovely colors and an eerilly beautiful universe in her paintings. I found inspiration in the soft but insistant lighting that she uses and the way her lines curve so effortlessly. This line is entirely hand-drawn. I wanted to play with effects of light and shadow on opulent fabrics and decadent details. Much of my hardest work on this line is found in the detailing and trim. I used Indian, Thai and Chinese silks and cottons for these gowns, along with some French silks and chiffons. The dresses are named after the paintings that inspired them, but some come from my imagination. Loving and Blackbird you won’t find in the paintings, but they were still inspired by the artist’s style. I loved making this collection and I hope you enjoy it, too."
I do Iris, I do! Shown above is the Loving Dress, which is just one of the 6 dresses, a few I've already seen hitting the blogosphere. Check out Punch Drunk tomorrow!

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