Monday, July 28, 2008

Cyberglam in Second Life - CaLLie CLine's Swan Song

caLLie cLine's Swan Song

This is one of my favorite dresses to hit SL in a long time, due to the fact that this dress is done in a style I have yet to see in SL. caLLie's "Swan Song" is the first time I have seen something close to Cyberpunk and Runway Couture combined. I have been calling it, "Cyberglam". I want MORE of it in Second Life in general.
Also I cannot think of a high fashion piece in SL that has the movement this displays in the gems on the sculptie skirt and jewelry set. Not only is there movement in the form of a water-like substance ebbing and flowing throughout, there is also a movement of wings and feathers and terrestrial life happening when the varying feather skirts are added to it. I find that very smart, whimsical and unique in SL. This dress is stunningly alive.

This piece in all it variations is glamorous AND cutting edge while not at all coming off as pretentious. I'm probably not the only person who has looked at certain gowns and seen the snob in them. Reason being, is caLLie approaches her work with a wide-eyed excitement, rarely having a solid plan of attack or manipulation. When art is approached from that level, magic happens.

She also creates magic with others as was the case with "Swan Song". Nebulosis Severine was responsible for the creation of the water-like jewels displayed in the piece, taking it completely out of this world.

For those that aren't enthusiasts of the "cyberglam" style, caLLie has also included multiple options to turn this dress into pure glamour. You can make at least 7 totally different outfits out of this emsemble without even thinking and the potential is there for many many more as well.

This brings me to my last point. This piece or shall I say these SEVENTEEN pieces, is pure generosity at 1111L. Many designers as we all know sell half as many pieces for prices ranging from 1500-1800L.

Swan Song is available at the Black Swan Sim by Rezzables until August 4th, 2008 at which point it will be made available in caLLie's flagship location on caLLiefornia.

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