Monday, July 21, 2008

AM Pro Rides 1964 AM Pro Impala

Cars are an amazing fashion accessory, and none sexier in SL at this moment than the 1964 AM Pro Impala crafted by Abacus Mimistrobell. Without having to wear a HUD of any kind, this sweet ride works just as it should. In the words of Abacus, "This car was created for classic low rider lovers, big and small. Featuring a host of SL's top creators to bring to you a build that has left no stone unturned. This project has been a true work of love for all involved , and was built with the utmost attention to detail. Everyone on the AM Pro Rides Team stepped it up a notch to bring the true feeling of this car to SL. From the masterfully crafted design, to the hand made custom textures, to the superb scripting for all the working gadgets and ease of drive, this car is definitely a milestone in this companies long future and one to be looked upon by all for conceptual design for ages to come."


★Custom Scripts - Les White! nuff said!

★NO HUD!- This car WORKS in every sense of the word

★Main Menu
- To access the main menu the tires make perfect buttons.
- Convertible - Paint - Passenger - Camera - Show Seats - Wipers
Dice - Hydraulics - Squirt - Notecard

★Custom Plater
- This car comes with 6 AM Pro Rides license plates and one blank one.
Drop out the custom plater, drop your own texture on it then click the license plate

★Working Parts
- Wipers & Spray - Dice Toggle - Hydraulics - Shifting and dash
pressing anims - Radio with 8 random loop presets and search -
Dash clock set to SLT - Horn - Turn signal and blinkers -
A/C with sounds - Speedometer - Window up/down with anim -
Convertible option - Customizable License plate Texture -
Headlights - Trunk

- 18 Custom animations by one of Bits and Bob's creator Yawneeb

- 5 Custom particles by Maldavius Figtree

★Passenger Info

Driver/Passenger/3 rear passengers/ and the final person gets to
be tied up in the trunk :P

- The front passenger animation can be switched to male or female
via the car's main menu


- Engine, Burnout, Dash button clicking, wipers, Radio loops, Crashing
sounds when hitting objects, Thud sounds when hitting avatars, Shifting
Window rolling

★Camera views
- Driver - Puts you right in the drivers seat with a true perspective of the road
and dash
Behind - " -_-"
Above - Think "tailing helicopter"
Wide - follows the driver 360 degree perspective not just the direction of the car,
with a great cinematic cam .... great for machinima purposes

- 7 of the original palette colours from the 64 Impala
- 12 Custom AM Pro Rides colors
- Random function for 100% full spectrum random colors

- The roof, midsection, and underside of the cars body can also change
seperately allowing for 3 tones of customization

- 19! Low lag, 2 prim TempOnRez displays, featuring every preset

Before this ride was released, I wasn't much of a car girl. This car , its customization and intuitive interface makes it a joy to drive. The wheels are rezzed while 3 other parts of the car are worn, all without losing an eyelash.

The hood and windows also come up, along with added touches like head and break lights, turn signals, stereo presets and dice that you show or hide depending on your personal style.

If you are an avid driver, you MUST own this car. Really, in terms of fun, power and sophisticated simplicity, it's the hottest vehicle on the market.

This car is Available for 5000L at AM Pro Rides and will make you feel like a rockstar!

Special Thanx to Abacus Mimistrobell, the CalGal Group, and Callie Cline!

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