Wednesday, July 9, 2008

FUR, FUR AND MORE FUR!!! it's the new black!!!

ok so... you're asking, "what the heck is she taking about???" fur??? she's in a princess dress with a bunch of tinies!!! OH NO I AM NOT!!! the avatars you see next to me are some of the most prominent fashionistas in SL... including the one and ONLY ms. sasy scarborough!!! yes you heard me right!!! she's the one eating the cookie!!

FUR is sorta always been in, faux or real, it has it's appeal, but did you EVER see fur look SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO cute as this??? i sure haven't, nor have i seen ANYONE look so great wearing fur!

so if you're confused now.. don't be... just run (don't walk) to loco pocos island... a new interactive and very fun sim where YOU wear FUR, harm NO animals but BECOME cute lil animals who can dress up, do great animations and EXPLORE and beautiful magical new sim created by damien fate and washu zebrastripe.

i had fun as a little mouse named michael AND as princess caLLie, having a magical time with some very cute little crtitters!!!

they open today... and will give out a free avatar for today's event that wont be available ever again... if you can't make it today, get there soon and have some fun.. it's a place i will want to visit often and i hope you will too... i'd love to see you wearing fur!!


caLLie cLine

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